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 Portal Update 9.11.2008

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Gwendolyn Felton
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Founder/Drarry Lover
Gwendolyn Felton

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PostSubject: Portal Update 9.11.2008   Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:00 am

Hey all! I have deleted anyone who has been inactive for 90+ days. If you are logging on and are one of those people, please email me at GwendolynFelton@hotmail.com. Just to let you know I'll be going through and deleting all RPs that have included people who are now deleted from the site. I'm trying to cut down on the crowding of forums and such. If you want to keep an RP or keep the idea, post it in a new thread and let someone else take over the other characters. Best Wishes!!

Last one to the triage nurse is a rotten cyberman!
*Gwendolyn & Draco Malfoy*
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Portal Update 9.11.2008
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